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  • Supply Chain Management.

    best-in-class supply chain technologies for enterprises, small and medium businesses on supply chain analytics, extended enterprise, smart phone apps, GPS vehicle tracking systems

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  • Industry 4.0 Technologies.

    control automation systems design, integration and deployment capabilities in various discrete and process industries like cement, chemical, gas, pharmaceuticals, municipal, water and waste water

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  • Barcode and RFID Systems.

    Barcode and RFID applications for asset management, inventory and point-of-sale application

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  • Built Like a Rock.

    Industrial Grade Field Computing handhelds, applications in Banking, e-Governance, Retail, Financial Inclusion, Health Care, Supply Chain and Logistics, track and trace Systems, vehicle service automation and so forth

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  • Professional Customer Support.

    our help desk and technical support teams offer 24/7 help and professional support for all our customers, from small, medium enterprises to Global corporations, thus delivering business value at all times

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"To stay competitive today, enterprises need to roll out new products, services and applications quickly. Partnerning with PVMI will deliver immense business value, tangible return on investment for enterprises looking forward to IT transformation"

  • Last mile delivery challenges fully controlled and efficiently managed !

    Supply chain technologies for complete visibility on delivery-to-customer, delivery analytics, technology enabled value to customer, besides tangible business value to bottom line cash. Delivery metrics like delivery-time-for-next order, delivery turnaround time improvement, efficient service to customer, delivery planning, delivery person safety, daily productivity are measured!

  • Business value to the last mile !

    Unique combination of location based services and technologies that guarantee accurate reasons for late deliveries and deliveries not done! Know actual kilometers traveled for each delivery and delivery cost per customer. Generate more business by few percentage points from returning customers ! Receive instant customer feedback for every delivery in real-time.

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  • What gets measured, gets managed!

    Number of deliveries made by restaurant, by delivery person, by shift, delivery time, average delivery time across delivery persons, number of untimely deliveries, single or multiple trip deliveries, number of late returns to restaurant, route optimization, waiting time due to traffic are some key delivery analytics!

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Value to Customers ... on the technologies we provide for businesses like yours !

We focus on new, innovative, niche, high value to customer products and solutions targeted for release every year. We encompass all critical capabilities - in delivery of products, solutions and services. Write to us with your specific requirement today to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Our Vision

visionInnovation. Engineering. Systems.
to design, develop and deliver innovative technology products and solutions that exceed customer expectations in quality, functionality and total cost of ownership

vision_image_2Value to Customers.
to be "preferred technology partner of choice" to our customers

Our Location


Our offices are located at Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Mumbai in India. Technical Support is offered for our products and solutions from Hyderabad Support Center. Dial +91 7660022802 for call back. Managed Services are provided by our onsite technical support personnel. Please email with details to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for call back.

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