Supply Chain Management

Technology Capability Areas


Advanced Fleet Management, Location Based Systems, Indoor Positioning Systems, Warehouse Management

Bar Code, Defective Products Detection, RFID, Material Handling Technologies, Vision Systems


There has been unprecedented growth in global sourcing and manufacturing, riding piggyback on the phenomenal developments, that have taken place in technology, transportation and information - communication facilities. Products today are made anywhere to be shipped anywhere. Companies doing global sourcing however have challenges with unforeseen transportation costs, higher investments in inventory, longer, less predictable cycle times, and increased business risk, while their customers are demanding lower prices, improved responsiveness and speedier order fulfillment. Lack of total visibility in the meantime is hampering effective logistics performance.

Relying exclusively on their current technology stack of telephones, fax, emails and spreadsheets has become woefully inadequate when real time visibility has become the need of the hour. The current manual intensive process is no longer sustainable. Enterprises are therefore equipping their logistics staff with innovative technology and integrating with service providers, technology enables and product suppliers to create a responsive, cost-effective and dynamic distribution network to support today’s global business environment. Internet based technology is enabling a new level of transaction automation and partner synchronization that previously was not practical or even possible. This has resulted in substantial reduction in cash-to-cash cycle times, shorter order fulfillment times, and fewer corporate assets being committed to the order execution process – all of which translate into a healthier bottom line

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Sales orders capture thru smart phone or tablet, van sales and ready stock, reverse logistics, vehicle load and stock pick process 

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