Supply Chain Management

Technology Capability Areas


Advanced Fleet Management, Location Based Systems, Indoor Positioning Systems, Warehouse Management

Bar Code, Defective Products Detection, RFID, Material Handling Technologies, Vision Systems

Supply chain is currently enjoying incredible change, as technology and new innovation business models are changing the way goods are brought to market. 

There are many areas that organizations are looking to automate. Some significant changes have occurred in the types of technology executives are looking to invest in to increase their real-time information and operational visibility. The biggest increase in the recent past is in internet-of-things (IoT), which now represents the technology where executives are looking to invest. Bar-codes and satellite tracking maintain their positions as key technologies used for gaining real-time visibility data.

The top reasons companies are looking to deploy internet-of-things technology, the main driver for companies to invest in real-time monitoring or data collection is their customers. As supply chains are strained under competition, technology is proving to be valuable differentiator and competitive advantage.


Sales and Distribution Management

Sales orders capture thru smart phone or tablet, van sales and ready stock, reverse logistics, vehicle load and stock pick process

Sales Accounting and Inventory

Delivery person collections and accounts receivables, day end reconciliation and settlement process, schemes and claims, route management and PJP

Metrics based Sales Analytics

Retail channel, stock keeping units based sales analysis on multiple metrics

InnNet Technology

Windows and Linux Desktop, MySQL database, Remote Sync with InnConnect Web