Last Mile Delivery

Technology Capability Areas

APIs, Service Oriented Architecture, Location Based Services, Tracking Gadgets, Smart Phone Apps, Payment Gateways, Google Maps, Big Data, Social Integration

Business Benefits

Order to Delivery

Capture all the activities from order taking till customer delivery. Integrate orders with ERP or legacy systems.

Location Based Delivery

Make customer deliveries based on location shared by customer.

Track Order

Share and track order movement with the customer in real-time !

Road Safety

Get alerts on delivery personnel movement in real-time. Know in case of accidents !

Delivery & Payment

Take delivery acknowledgement and receive payment against delivery from the Customer


Capture feedback and customer satisfaction data instantly !


Order to Delivery

Last mile delivery challenges fully controlled and efficiently managed !

Location Based Delivery

Business value to the last mile !

Last Mile Analytics

What gets measured, gets managed!

Innfodel Technology

Linux Apache, MySQL, n-tier, real-time sync with GPS tracker gadgets and smart phones, Open-maps and Google maps