Technology Capability Areas

Industry 4.0, Automation and Control, Machine to Machine, Material Handling Automation Systems,  

Indoor Positioning Systems - for Warehouses and Highly Stuffed Indoors


GPS-enabled trucks, trains, boats and/or aircraft can automatically deliver real-time data to your customer. This visibility into the shipping process emphasizes a level of trust and transparency, directly addressing the customer concern. This also cuts down on customer service inquiries and frustration on the customer's end, making them more likely to return for future orders and recommend the brand. Customers may sometimes even choose to order from a specific e-commerce store due to their experience with visibility and quick delivery or vice versa. If a retailer is not transparent or is slow in their delivery, they may lose a customer. 

IoT sensors that provide monitoring of environmental and security issues in transit can provide enhanced visibility on food and temperature sensitive materials. These devices continue to develop in reliability, feature set and cost efficiency. With configurable options such as how often the device reports the status of the shipment (which can be a single case or pallet), battery life can be prolonged and still provide the needed customer visibility. 

The final mile is responsible for a significant part of a company‚Äôs overall delivery costs, so it's simply a smart business practice to focus on and optimize it.